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Hands around a small plant

Farmers Answer Your Questions About Gardening in Texas

Want to plant a Texas garden, but don’t know where to start? When you search for gardening tips, you’ll be inundated with articles about soil pH, crop rotation, and companion plants. It’s enough to discourage any beginner.  Avoid overwhelm by keeping it simple. We’re answering some common gardening questions so you can start your garden with a firm grasp of the basics.  When should you start a garden in Texas? You may guess that early spring is the right time …

Barton Hill Farms Animals

10 Best Field Trips in Austin, Texas

Classroom learning is a vital part of the education process, and teachers do a wonderful job of bringing hands-on experiences into their schools. But there’s nothing quite like getting out of the classroom and into the wider world! School field trips help to put lessons into context and expand students’ horizons. They can give lower-income students a chance to have experiences that may not otherwise be open to them. And they can introduce students to technology, history, and nature that …

Christmas in Austin - Lake Travis

Your Guide to the Austin Holiday Season

Put some jolly in your jingle, because it’s officially the holiday season.  We don’t get white Christmases very often, it’s true. Instead, we get over a month of indoor and outdoor celebrations that we can enjoy without frostbite. And that’s certainly a win in our book! Use this handy Holiday Guide to plan a season’s worth of festivities for your family and friends.  City Lights for December Nights There’s nothing more festive than a holiday light display! We have several …


Looking Back at the 10th Annual Fall Festival

The 10th Annual Fall Festival, Pumpkin Patch, & Corn Maze has come and gone here at Barton Hill Farms. And while we’re sad that it’s over, we are SO GRATEFUL to everyone that came out to enjoy this fantastic fall and the beauty of Bastrop!  While this year came with some unique challenges due to the ongoing pandemic, it felt like things were mostly back to normal out here in the country. And we were lucky to have some fantastic …

cattle ranching

Texas Cattle Ranching and the Famous Longhorn Cattle: The Surprising Origins

Cattle are so frequently equated with America—and with Texas in particular—that it may shock you to learn that cattle aren’t indigenous to North America at all!  In fact, cattle have only been roaming from sea to shining sea for about 500 years, first brought to the country by Spanish conquistadors. Today, we’re digging into a bit of the history surrounding the Texas cattle business and dairy farming! The History of Texas Cattle Ranching The story of Texas cattle starts back …

Child with tractor and pumpkins

Tricks, Treats, & Traditions: The Origins of Halloween

When you really think about it, Halloween is downright bizarre. We dress up in strange outfits and encourage our children to beg for candy from strangers. We carve faces into pumpkins, and scare ourselves—on purpose!  What is the meaning of all this?? Like many modern holidays, present-day Halloween is an amalgamation of old festivals and rituals that were borrowed, tweaked, and combined into the traditions we know today. Find out where it all began, and how it evolved into today’s …