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The Best Eats East of Austin

Downtown Austin is full of chic restaurants and pricey menus. And while we like those places sometimes, we also enjoy the relaxed vibe of a cozy, family restaurant. 

That’s what we love about the restaurants east of Austin. They’re mostly mom-and-pop operations—small businesses run by great people making delicious food. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Here are some of the best restaurants and eateries in East Austin and beyond.

Barton Hills Farms

A meal on the farm is a special treat. The food is delicious, but it tastes even better after a day of play out on the Colorado River. 

At Friar’s Fry Barn, you’ll find freshly-floured chicken tenders, with perfectly crispy french fries. Grady’s Smokehouse offers pulled pork and chopped brisket made by our own team of expert pitmasters. For dessert, stop by Avaleigh’s Sweet Barn for southern-style strawberry shortcake. Add a scoop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream to dial up the deliciousness.

To drink, stop by the Barton Hugel Apfelwein & Biergarten for a cold, refreshing local beer or cider. Or try a frozen sangria wine for a boozy treat. Frozen lemonade, iced tea, strawberry lemonade, and bottled water are also available to keep you hydrated. 

Little Thailand

Charming family-owned restaurant Little Thailand in Del Valle is a short drive east of Austin. Operated by the former owner’s niece and her husband, this long-time favorite was originally a food truck outside of the Austin-Bergstrom Air Force Base as far back as 1981!

On the menu, you’ll find fragrant curries, noodle dishes like Lard Nar and Mee Grab Lard Nar Talay, and mango sticky rice for dessert.

Henry’s Barbecue

What started out as a side business for owner Joe Cantu is now one of the best spots for barbecue in East Austin and beyond. Located on the outskirts of Del Valle, Henry’s Barbecue is named for Cantu’s grandfather. Owned by a husband, wife, and her sister, it’s yet another family business. 

This food truck’s simple menu includes juicy brisket, pork shoulder, and St. Louis pork ribs. They also make a phenomenal burger, made from a blend of ground brisket and beef short rib.

Philly Cheesesteak Corner

You don’t have to go to Philadelphia for a great cheesesteak. Just head east of Austin to Philly Cheesesteak Corner in Bastrop. Get your cheesesteak however you like it—“authentic” with mushrooms, bell peppers, and grilled onions; “Texan style” with jalapeños and grilled onions; or even a Pizza Cheesesteak with marinara and pepperoni! 

The Black Forest

Outside popular brewery Live Oak Brewing in Del Valle, The Black Forest food truck serves authentic German food to hungry beer drinkers. Get a beer brat made with Live Oak’s Big Bark Amber Lager on a warm roll with mustard and kraut. Or snack on a freshly baked pretzel, dipped in mustard and beer cheese. YUM.

Maxine’s Cafe & Bakery

Start your day with breakfast at Maxine’s Bakery & Café in Bastrop’s historic downtown. This charming spot serves heaping platters of eggs and grits, home fries, griddle cakes, biscuits and gravy, and more southern breakfast staples. 

Pick up a Buttermilk Pie, German Chocolate Cake, or an Elvis Cream Pie to take with you when you leave!

Stem & Stone Craft Beer, Wine & Eats

A friendly, casual spot for a tasty meal and some high-quality drinks, Stem & Stone Craft Beer, Wine & Eats is a new favorite in Bastrop. Get a pressed panini or a fresh salad, accompanied by a great selection of mostly local draft beers. For wine, you’ll find a selection of bottles from Texas, California, and the great European wine regions. Plus, they offer clever beer and wine “cocktails” like the Texas Tai—a Mai Tai-inspired beverage made with Shiner Bock. 

Catarino’s Cajun Creole

Longing for the flavors of the bayou? Catarino’s Cajun Creole has got it. From the classic catfish or crawfish po’boy to boudin balls made from rice and Cajun sausage, the menu at this Del Valle food truck could be right out of the Creole State.

Sit on the little patio at this roadside food truck—you won’t be sorry. 

Jasmine’s Restaurant

The outside of Jasmine’s Restaurant doesn’t look like much. But inside, you’ll find a clean, cheerful Tex-Mex spot with some of the best chilaquiles and margaritas east of Austin. Located just outside the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, this is a fantastic place to get a pre-trip meal or to feed a visitor who’s just arrived in town! 

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