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Our Favorite Farm Fall Fashions of 2022

Friends, families, and couples come to the Fall Festival, Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze at Barton Hill Farms to have a great time in the sunshine on the banks of the Colorado River. 

But they also come with the expectation that there will be pictures taken. After all, we do have the prettiest pumpkin patch in Texas! That means our guests put on their favorite fall outfits for a day on the farm. And while we may be farmers—not fashionistas—we do like to see what cute and creative outfits you all come up with! 

So here’s a roundup of our favorite fall fashions on the farm of 2022, as posted on Instagram.

Fashionable Kids

We have visitors of all ages at the farm, from the tiniest babies to the kindliest grandparents. And little kids dressed in their fall finest make us smile every single day! 

Exhibit A: This baby would be adorable in whatever she wore. But in a colorful gingham romper? She’s TOO CUTE.

This little guy is serving looks in his matching shorts and tank, topped with a (slightly oversized) ball cap. Some kids are just born cool.

These little monochrome cuties are too precious. One in black (who’s really into her drink) and one in light pink—with leopard print shoes! Did she put this outfit together herself? Our guess is yes. 

The Family that Dresses Alike…

We love a coordinating moment. This cute family is wearing similar shades of black and tan, but each with their own style. Everyone is comfortable and they look like a unit, but they’re not too matchy-matchy.

(Furiously scribbling notes for our next family outing…)

This coordinating pair kept it comfortable and cute in Halloween-themed t-shirts of a similar color. Loving this Candy Crew.

Light and Breezy

We’ve got pumpkins and a corn maze, sure. But we’ve also got fields of zinnias and other colorful flowers. We are loving the joy of a colorful, swingy dress during a frolic in the flowers!

It’s still warm in central Texas, so our fall looks are a bit less covered up and layered than they would be further north. But even lighter fabrics can stay on-brand with the right prints and colors. We LOVE this breezy dress in a fall-appropriate gingham.

This summery yellow dress transitions to fall with distressed brown boots and chunky socks. When it gets cooler, she can add a jacket to carry this look even further into the season. 

Casually Cool

Perfectly distressed denim? Check. Colorful top? Check. Bright hair to match? Double check. Loving this effortlessly cool look. 

This loose, pumpkin-colored sweater paired with shorts and a fall hat is perfect for lazy days at the pumpkin patch and in the corn maze. 

A button-down shirt with cute embroidery and a mini skirt creates such a fun and casual look. And the best part? Both pieces were thrifted from Austin Goodwill! Thrifting is affordable, creative, and environmentally friendly. 

Mad for Monochrome

Does anything look chicer than an outfit in a single, cohesive color—or in similar shades of the same color? Don’t be afraid of layering similar tones, like this brown-on-brown outfit, perfect for fall.

Monochrome is super easy with a solid-colored dress, especially when it has long sleeves and hits lower on the leg. This pretty light pink looks gorgeous with those deep pink zinnias!

Think You Can Do Better?

We’d love to see you (and your outfits) for one of our final three weekends of the Austin Fall Festival, Pumpkin Patch, and Corn Maze at Barton Hill Farms! 

Solve the Mazed and Confused corn maze, and try your hand at the apple cannons (a fan favorite). Take Instagram-worthy fall photos at the pumpkin patch, and make videos of your day. There are over 30 games and activities to enjoy, plus live music, wine and local beer, and delicious food.

Tag us in your photos and videos @bartonhillfarms on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook! 

Get your tickets now! 

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