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Our Fall Favorite Fashions on the Farm for 2021

Most people agree—fall clothes are the best clothes. We get to pull all of our favorite pieces into fun, layered outfits, playing with prints and textures. And if it gets a bit warm? Just pop off the outer layer and you’re comfortable again. 

We get excited about each and every post that you make from the farm. That’s why we do what we do—to share it with you all! Last year, we had a blast looking through all of your photos on Instagram and picking out some of our favorite clothing trends of the season. It was so much fun, we decided to do it again! 

So here are some of our favorite fashion trends that we’ve seen at the 2021 Fall Festival, Corn Maze, and Pumpkin Patch.


Hats are not just a super cute fall accessory—they’re a practical one. Even though the temperatures are dropping and it’s prime outdoor season, that Texas sun is still strong and we need to shield our faces. This little cutie in her floppy felt hat has the right idea. 

A charming hat keeps the sun off your face and adds the finishing touch to a fall outfit. So bring a hat, y’all!

Summery Dresses Repurposed for Fall

Fall is the perfect season for layering, especially in Texas where it’s chilly in the morning and warmer later in the day. We see a lot of summer-style dresses layered with a short-sleeved shirt underneath or a light sweater on top to make it a little more autumnal. 

Toss on some boots (flats, preferably—this is a farm, after all) and you’re ready for a fall-themed adventure.

Flowy Florals

This year at the Fall Festival, the pumpkin patch and corn maze aren’t the only vegetation you’ll find. We also have U-pick flower fields full of zinnias and sunflowers for you to cut, so you can bring a bit of Bastrop freshness into your home. That makes the pretty floral dresses we’re seeing this fall all the more appropriate.  

These fresh and flowy dresses are perfect for wandering through the flowers and pumpkin patch, or catching a breeze as you solve the Hey Elon! corn maze. 


Has there ever been a fall that wasn’t plentiful in plaid? It’s a staple every single year. And that’s great because as farmers, we wear quite a bit of plaid ourselves. But after hours in the sun and dirt, the colors on ours aren’t quite this vibrant.  

Ready for a little plaid history? The proper name for this type of pattern actually isn’t “plaid” at all. It’s “tartan.” Traditionally, a plaid was a heavy Scottish traveling cloak. But when the pattern became popular with the Brits and Americans, the word plaid caught on. 

Here’s a fun bit of trivia. The oldest tartan ever found is 3,000 years old! It was discovered with the body of the “Cherchen Man,” a mummy discovered in the ​​Xinjiang region of China. The tartan pattern has certainly gotten around!

Pumpkin Babies!

If we had to pick the one fashion theme that we see most of all, it’s probably pumpkin babies. With their little round heads and little round bellies, babies are practically half pumpkin already. That’s probably why we see so many little sweeties in pumpkin onesies, like this one. Eight months old and already on-trend.

Gingham and Checks

Plaid’s country cousin, gingham and checks are always popular out on the farm! They can come in bright reds and yellows, or in muted blacks and browns. This sweet family coordinated their checks for a day on the farm and got some great photos to share.  

These classic prints are easy to pair with shorts and a hat. And they’re great for all ages, which makes them perfect for matching the parents and the kiddos.

Strut Your Stuff at Barton Hill Farms

There are still four more weekends of fun at the 2021 Fall Festival! Tickets are available now for the weekends of October 16th-17th, 23rd-24th, 30th-31st, and November 6th-7th. Put on your favorite fall duds, gather up the family, and take some pictures to share with your friends! 

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