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Fall Fashion on the Farm

What is it about fall clothes that make us all go gaga?

Maybe it’s because the crisp weather gives us the opportunity to layer pieces in fun ways. T-shirts, sweaters, scarves, and cute hats can all come together in one eye-catching outfit. And since it’s not too cold yet, we don’t have to hide our creations under bulky winter jackets.

Whatever the reason, fall fashions are our favorite fashions. And since we get to spend our days at the prettiest pumpkin patch in Texas, we get to observe all the cuteness as people pose and snap their photos among the corn and hay bales. 

So here are some of our favorite fall fashions that we’ve seen on the farm in 2020, as illustrated by a few of our guests! 


As farmers, we wear boots all the time. But they’re strictly for function, not fashion!

Fall boots are one of the joys of the season. Ankle booties, calf-height, knee boots — we love them all. And jewel tones are big this fall, which means we’re seeing boots in some fun and unexpected colors, like this fabulous red. 

Just leave your highest-heeled boots at home — this is a farm, after all! Stick to flats or low, chunky heels to stay comfortable and cozy. 


Fringe is in this year! We’ve seen jackets, shirts, ponchos and more with a fun fringey look. (Plus, Rihanna and Beyoncé have been spotted in fringe this year, so you know it’s the real deal.)

Fringe can go full cowboy in leather and denim, or it can be dressed up with more delicate fabrics. We love these fringed moccasins for a bit of subtle swing. 

If you’re concerned about looking costume-y, try a fringed purse or belt to get in on the trend without going overboard. 


If you find a color you like, why not wear it top to bottom? Pants and a top in similar shades of the same color look cohesive and put together, even if it’s just colored jeans and a simple t-shirt. 

This is a look that can easily be dressed up or dressed down with the right accessories. You can bring a little more visual interest to the look with a hat and shoes in contrasting colors or patterns. 

Preppy Plaid

Fall always makes people think “back to school,” and back to school makes people think of preppy plaid. To avoid looking like you’re in a school uniform, avoid the plaid pleated skirt. Instead, use the print in unexpected ways, like a swingy mini dress, a fitted skirt, or tailored trousers.

And if plaid isn’t your thing, you can still work collegiate vibes with stripes, collared shirts, and structured jackets.

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Wide-Legged Jeans

Time to celebrate, ladies — the ubiquity of skinny jeans is finally coming to an end. We’ve seen some different shapes in jeans this year, from flares to slouchy boyfriend styles. And it’s about time! 

Wide-legged and loose-fitting cuts make jeans look comfortable and relaxed, instead of tight and rigid. Cassandra King Polidori of CassandraCollections looked breezy and comfortable when she and her family visited the pumpkin patch!  

Of course, it might be good to keep one or two pairs of the ultra skinnies around, if only to tuck into that perfect pair of boots. 

Mask Fashion

Back in March when this all began, most of us were just looking for simple, utilitarian masks. Now that we’re over 6 months in and still have a ways to go, the fashion forward are turning their masks into a decorative statement. 

We’ve seen floral, gingham, and even bejeweled masks during this year’s Fall Festival & Pumpkin Patch! There are also little chains you can add to your mask so you can leave it around your neck when it’s not in use. 

Geometric Prints

Spring and summer tend to focus on smaller, more delicate prints. Maybe it’s because the clothes in those seasons are smaller overall. After all, a tank top has much less fabric than a dress or jacket. 

But big geometric prints in all different shapes are looking great right now. Think houndstooth, blocks, and interlocking diamond patterns. Bonus points for an orange that perfectly matches our pumpkins!

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Denim Jackets

To be honest, denim jackets really never go out of style. They’re a fall staple, especially in a casual place like central Texas. We love denim jackets for their longevity. Get one now, and you’ll be on-trend every fall from here to the end of time. 

Photos on the Farm

There’s still time to enjoy your fall photo shoot out at Barton Hill Farms! The Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch will be running through the weekend of November 14th, so get your tickets and show off your style!

When you visit, make sure to tag us in your pictures @bartonhillfarms on Facebook or Instagram