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It’s Opening Weekend at Barton Hill Farms!

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!

After cancelling our Spring Festival, we’ve been missing you all and we’re thrilled that opening weekend has arrived!

Start the season with a day on the farm, enjoying the sunshine and pleasant temperatures. 

The games and activities are ready to go. The Scooby Doo-themed corn maze is tall and lush. The pumpkins are ripe and the beer is cold!

Preseason tickets are still available, so get yours now! Save $3 off the normal ticket price — our best price of the year. 

What to Expect

We’re bringing all the fun of previous years, adding in some new features, and mixing it all with heightened safety procedures to make this the best Fall Festival yet.

We’re limiting our capacity each day, so everyone can spread out and keep plenty of space between parties. Tickets must be purchased in advance, and you will need to make a reservation for the day you want to come to the farm! This is how we can keep numbers under control. 

Our employees are undergoing daily health screenings and temperature checks, and the whole team will be cleaning before, during, and after opening each day. Guests are asked to wear masks anytime they’re indoors (like using the restrooms) or when they can’t maintain a 6 foot distance. And of course, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer often! 

Finally, we’ve gone cashless this year to help improve transaction times and create a safer environment for everyone. 

With these guidelines in place, we’re looking forward to a fun and successful Fall Festival! 

What to Do

A day of adventure awaits! 

Explore this year’s corn maze, with a nostalgic Scooby Doo theme. Learn fun facts about Mystery Incorporated while you wander. 

Pick the biggest pumpkin from the pumpkin patch for a place of honor on your front step. Grab a few little ones, too, to make a pumpkin pie or harvest soup! 

Take a trip on the Texas Hayride, try your hand at archery, or catch a fish at Huck’s Fishing Pond. Let the kids run amuck, climbing the Wilbarger Village Texas-sized Tree Fort, and going for a bounce on the Jumbo Jumping Pillow.

Stop for a local beer or cider in the Barton Hugel Apfelwein & Biergarten, and refuel with 100% Barton Hill Farms beef patties or hand-dipped chicken tenders. Pulled pork sandwiches, pizzas, french fries, and funnel cakes will keep the whole family happy. 

Family groups can also rent a semi-private cabana as a place to get a rest. With space for up to 10 people, these half-day rentals give your family a shady home base where you can gather for meals and take a breather! 

What to Learn

With many kids still learning from home and field trip opportunities scarce, a visit to the Fall Festival is a great chance to have some fun and expand the horizons of little learners. 

Besides all the fun and games, Barton Hill Farms is a working farm with a menagerie of friendly animals in the Texas pasture. 

Introduce the kids to our Dorper sheep, a breed of South African sheep well-suited to hot, arid climates. They’re easy to spot because of their black heads and white bodies. Our goats come from South Africa too, and they work with the sheep to graze the farmland and keep brush under control. 

The size of our Texas steer and Angus cattle may come as a surprise to both kids and adults. You never realize how big they really are until you see them up close! 

We also have happy hogs and pigs on the farm. Do you know the difference between the two? A pig usually refers to a young, immature swine. A hog is a full-fledged adult, weighing over 120 pounds.

The laying hens make sure we’re always well-stocked on eggs. Plus, they keep pests and grubs under control. What is annoying to us is a tasty treat to a chicken. 

The llamas on the farm are gentle creatures, and their fleece makes for a soft and warm wool. Finally, we have two miniature ponies — a couple sassy ladies named Lady Gaga and Miss Independence. 

All the animals on the farm pull their weight, contributing to our regenerative farming practices. They’re part of a larger ecosystem that keeps the whole farm healthy and productive.

If you’re looking for something to do in the Austin area this weekend (or any weekend between now and November 14th/15th), a trip to the “most scenic pumpkin patch in Texas” should certainly be on your list!