Farm Policies

Our COVID-19 Policies

Barton Hill Farms is dedicated to providing a fun, educational, and SAFE environment for both our guests and employees. We are making significant changes to our policies and procedures in compliance with CDC guidelines for outdoor events. Please keep in mind that policies may change as the current situation evolves.

The festival space at Barton Hill Farms is located on 22 acres of open country with plenty of room to move around. But we are also reducing our crowd sizes by:

  • Significantly reducing the number of daily ticket sales
  • Adding 7 additional days to the season to provide plenty of opportunities to visit the farm
  • Selling ALL tickets online in advance to prevent overbooking

We encourage all customers to keep at least 6 feet of space between themselves and other parties. While masks are not required by law, anyone who would feel more comfortable with a mask is encouraged to wear one. Note — the CDC does not recommend masks for children under 2 years of age.


With such a large space, guests should have no problem staying distant from others. 


We’ve also made the following changes: 

  • Added more seating and shading areas
  • Built 4 semi-private cabanas available for rent
  • Modified this year’s corn maze to allow for social distancing

We have increased our efforts to keep the farm clean and safe for all visitors. We have added additional hand washing and sanitation stations throughout the farm, and we are following a schedule of sanitation for high touch points.

To be safer, faster, and more efficient, we are using a Cashless system on the farm.  Click here to learn more about our Cashless System.

We have increased our food and beverage locations. The purpose is to provide a quicker ordering experience, limiting the amount of time guests will wait in line to order. All food and beverage sales are now cashless.

We have also provided additional staff training on CDC best practices for food establishments and heightened sanitation efforts in all food areas.

Yes! We have provided additional staff training based on CDC best practices. We are also performing health checks on staff members at the beginning of each shift. Any staff member who shows symptoms of illness will be sent home immediately.

Our General Farm Policies

We do not allow outside beverages. However, we do permit one sealed bottle of water per person. We have cold bottled water and drinks for purchase around the grounds. Cooler & cooler bags are NOT permitted inside Barton Hill Farms.

We allow trained service animals only. We are animal lovers ourselves. However, as all good farmers know, not all children play well with dogs, and not all dogs play well with children. In compliance with ADA policies, we do reserve the right to ask the owner of a service animal to remove the animal if: 1) it is out of control or barking at other guests, and 2) if it is not “housebroken.” Animals may NOT be left inside owner’s vehicles or tied up outside our gates. Our staff is not required nor expected to provide care, food, nor water to any service animal. Relevant service animal information, including physical address, contact information, and breed of animal will be logged at the gates.

We do not allow coolers of any kind (hard nor soft sided) to be brought into Barton Hill Farms.

Outside alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted. We have beer, cider, and wine for purchase around the grounds. We ID anyone under 40, who wishes to purchase alcohol. Barton Hill Farms is a fully licensed beer and wine retailer through the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), which dictates that all alcohol must be purchased on-premise.

Any bags, strollers, purses, etc. brought into the farm may be subjected to inspection by a uniformed law enforcement officer. Please, do not attempt to smuggle in beverages, or we will sic our goats on you.

Any child under the age of 16 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult.

For safety and health purposes, smoking and vaping (this includes e-cigarettes) are NOT permitted anywhere on the farm, including in our parking lot.

We welcome photographers, both professional and amateur, to visit Barton Hill Farms for photoshoots during our festival days. At other times of the year, special written permission must be received from us for you to have access. A few special rules need to be followed. General Admission is required for photographers and clients that are 3+ years old. We require that photographers do NOT ask our employees to pose or stop their work. Please, ask permission from staff members before taking photos of them. Get signed permission from guests before taking their photo. Charging fees and soliciting will not be tolerated. All social media and online references to our farm (Barton Hill Farms) will be subjected to farm owner’s approval. No “pet pictures – see our Animals policy above.”

Tip for brides: Brides, please keep in mind this is a working farm (with dirt and insects).