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Two Cows at Barton Hill Farms

Regenerative Farming for a Healthy Happy Harvest

At Barton Hill Farms, we love working the land, raising livestock, and growing fresh produce in beautiful Central Texas. And we’d like to continue doing so for the next 20, 30, or 40 years.  That’s why we’re focused on regenerative farming practices on our 100+ acres of land. By carefully …

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The City of Bastrop, TX

A Quick History of Bastrop, Texas

Although Bastrop was one of the earliest permanent settlements in Texas, the town’s history doesn’t begin with the state, or even with the early settlers. Long before, Bastrop County’s Lost Pines were a settlement and hunting site for Native American tribes like the Tonkawa for hundreds, and even thousands of …

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A Child with a peach in his hand

Barton Hill Farms’ Guide to Perfect Produce

It seems like there’s a secret code when it comes to choosing the best fruits and vegetables. Tap the melon right here…squeeze the tomatoes just so…toss the asparagus in the air and watch how it lands… (Don’t really toss the asparagus, please!) Although there are specifics to look for in …

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Basket of Vegetables

Best Fruits and Vegetables to Grow in Central Texas

Gardening in Central Texas is a game of balance. With plenty of sun, we can grow a wide variety of fruits and veggies. But the scorching summer heat and lack of rainfall can singe and suffocate more delicate plants.  Fortunately, there are hybrids and cultivars that were specially designed to …

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Gardening with Children: The Why and the How

Every parent knows that children are little sponges, soaking up the mannerisms and habits of their parents and others around them. So it’s important to give them positive behaviors and practices to absorb! As farmers and parents ourselves, we think gardening is one of the best habits that we can …

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The Cows of Barton Hill Farms

What’s New on the Farm

The arrival of the coronavirus earlier this year may have derailed our 2020 Spring Festival, but we’re planning to be back this fall better than ever! We started Barton Hill Farms back in 2012 to provide a place for friends and family to escape from the city and screens. Now …

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