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How to Prepare Your Garden For Winter in 6 Steps

When the temperatures drop and the days grow short, we know the growing days of the spring and summer season are over. While there are some cold weather vegetables that we can continue to cultivate, most of us are looking to go dormant for the winter. A little prep work …

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Looking Back at the 2020 Festival

What a season!  Looking back at our fall festival, it’s hard to remember that for a while, we weren’t sure if it would even happen. But with a few tweaks and changes, we were still able to provide a place for our friends and neighbors to get outside and have …

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Final Weekend of the Pumpkin Patch!

Well friends, we’ve had one heck of a season. This time last year, we never could have guessed in our wildest dreams that we’d have to cancel our Spring Festival, and that we’d go cashless in our Austin Fall Festival & Pumpkin Patch.  But Texans are made of tough stuff, …

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This is a photo of the beautiful farm with an giant tree. People are enjoying themselves underneath the tree.

Fall Morning Routine – Tips from the Farm

Even though the first day of fall was at the end of September and temperatures have cooled, sometimes it feels like the seasons don’t really change until the end of Daylight Saving Time. And it’s here! Daylight Saving Time ended on Sunday, which means it’s now getting dark an hour …

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How to Reuse Pumpkins After Halloween

When the ghosts and ghouls have gone home and the Halloween decor is packed into storage, we’re faced with a question:  What to do with our pumpkins? The answer depends on how you chose to decorate with it. If you carved it into a Jack-o’-lantern and left it to sit …

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Fall Fashion on the Farm

At the most scenic pumpkin patch in Texas, we get to see all the best fall fashions on display. Here are our favorite clothing trends for 2020!

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