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Beer Garden - Barton Hill Farms

Top 8 Things to Do East of Austin in 2022

If you’re looking for concrete and crowds, downtown Austin is a safe bet.  But if you’re dreaming of open skies, plenty of greenery, and an easier pace of life, the towns to the east are where it’s at! Here are eight charming things to do east of Austin, just a short drive from the city. 1. Spend a Day at Barton Hill Farms Life is better on the farm!  At the Barton Hill Farms Fall Festival, Pumpkin Patch, and Corn …

Bunnies and Easter Eggs

24 Bunny Facts for Animal Lovers

How much do you know about bunnies?  Unless you’ve had one of these cuddly buns as a pet, it may not be much! While they can be sweet and cuddly, bunnies are also delicate and need special care to stay happy and healthy.  Here are 24 interesting bunny facts to make you a cottontail connoisseur. Impressive Bunnies by the Numbers How big is the largest bunny on record? His name is Ralph, and he weighed 55 lbs when he clinched …


Berries, Bunnies & Blooms: Spring Festivals at Barton Hill Farms!

The spring festivals at Barton Hill Farms are here! Yes, we said festivals…because we have two this year!  In March and April, we’ll be hosting Berries and Bunnies, a chance for you to pick fresh strawberries off the vine and interact with the sweetest, softest little bunnies. In May, enjoy Blooms & Brews where you can cut a fresh bouquet of sunflowers and zinnias to take home with you.  Keep reading to get the details on these two fun-filled, springtime …


The 8 Best Reasons to Work for Barton Hill Farms

It’s almost spring festival season at Barton Hill Farms!  Twice every year, we welcome a hard-working crew of farm hands and ticket takers, activity managers and train drivers, to make this special place work. Without this fantastic team, we couldn’t delight thousands of families every year!  If you’re looking for a seasonal, outdoor job in the Austin area, here are 8 reasons why Barton Hill Farms should be at the top of your list this spring. 1. Work Outdoors in …


5 Flower Growing Tips for Central Texas

Dreaming of a bright, bountiful garden full of colorful roses and cheerful daisies? Here in Texas, we get the sun to make it happen. When you pick the right types and do a little prep work, you can have an at-home flower fiesta. Here are five tips to grow the prettiest flowers in Central Texas. 1. Choose the Right Types Some flowers come back year after year, while others only bloom for a single year. Choosing the right types for …


The Easy Guide to Growing Strawberries in Central Texas

Sweet, sweet strawberries!  They’re the perfect spring and summer treat on their own, in a refreshing smoothie, or atop a  fluffy strawberry shortcake. If you can’t get enough of this delectable berry, why not plant your own? Growing strawberries in Central Texas is easier than you might think. Here’s how it’s done.  The Best Strawberry Types for Central Texas For strawberry success, you’ll have to start with the right variety. Strawberries are broken down into three basic types—short-day strawberries (also …