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The 8 Best Reasons to Work for Barton Hill Farms

It’s almost spring festival season at Barton Hill Farms! 

Twice every year, we welcome a hard-working crew of farm hands and ticket takers, activity managers and train drivers, to make this special place work. Without this fantastic team, we couldn’t delight thousands of families every year! 

If you’re looking for a seasonal, outdoor job in the Austin area, here are 8 reasons why Barton Hill Farms should be at the top of your list this spring.

1. Work Outdoors in the Fresh Air

Barton Hill Farms is all outdoors. Our employees get to enjoy the fresh Texas air, away from the city, during the best seasons in Central Texas. No being stuck in a warehouse or cubicle, with fluorescent lighting or the blue glare of screens. 

Finish each day with that invigorated feeling you can only get when you work outdoors.

2. Bring People Joy

People come to Barton Hill Farms to have fun. Little kids see goats and llamas for the first time. Teens get a thrill out of the apple cannons. And adults get to enjoy local beer and frozen sangria slushes on the banks of the Colorado River. 

When you work at the farm, you get to help brinog people joy and light up their faces, all day long!

“I’ve worked at Barton Hill Farms for three years and love it! I love the great staff and leadership at the Farm. I like being there to see the joy and happiness of all the families that come out and celebrate each other. I love being part of a place that helps families make great memories together!”– Gabriel B

3. Meet New Friends

Some of our employees have met their best friends working on the farm! When a team pulls together for a common goal, they create a natural bond. The friends you make here could be the people you celebrate with for years to come

4. Weekends Only – Great For Students!

Barton Hill Farms is only open on weekends, so you’ll have your weeks free to attend high school or college. Make some extra money to save up for your future!

It’s also easy to manage your schedule if you have another part-time job. No arguing with your supervisor about weekday availability

5. Free Meals During Your Shift

Team members at Barton Hill Farms get a free meal each shift. We have tasty chicken tenders and french fries, pizza, and salads available, plus lemonade and iced tea.

6. Bonus Pay Opportunities

Are you available every day during the festival? If so, you could earn a bonus for excellent attendance! We offer up to $2.00 extra per hour, if you work every day we are open to the public. Over the course of a season, that’s a nice chunk of change, on top of your normal hourly pay!

“I started working at Barton Hill Farms nearly a decade ago for an easy seasonal job. I quickly learned that the farm was much more than a corn maze. It is a highly needed resource for family activities and memories in the Austin area. I now earn great satisfaction from being a part of this magical place and creating a space for families to want to return to again and again”– Kris

7. Employee of the Week Incentives

Are you a customer service pro, willing to go above and beyond for our visitors? You could win an Employee of the Week bonus or cash incentive. These awards go to employees who demonstrate excellent customer service. We let the customer choose those hard-working winners! 

8. BHF Scholarship Program

Barton Hill Farms awards scholarships to some of our hard-working high school seniors, to help them get a strong start at college. In 2021 alone, we gave out four scholarships!

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Types of Jobs at Barton Hill Farms

On a farm as big as ours, there are lots of jobs to be done! Here are some of the areas where you could work. 

Food & Beverage (F&B)

F&B workers help with food prep, cooking, and serving food and drink to our guests. All F&B applicants need a Food Safety Certificate and TABC license, since we serve beer and wine. You can get both of these credentials online in an afternoon!

Train Drivers 

We have two trains on the farm, and they need drivers! To drive the trains, you must have a driver’s license and be at least 25 years old. 


Admissions employees take digital tickets, answer questions, and welcome visitors to the farm! This is a great role for people who love to chat and help. 

Parking Attendants

We’re a big farm, so we have a big parking lot. Parking attendants guide cars through the lot, and help them find a parking spot. Very important for keeping things organized!

Activities Hand

Activities hands manage the fun activities on the farm like archery, apple cannons, and selling flowers or berries. They answer questions, explain how activities work, and complete sales transactions for these extras. Activities can get busy, so these team members have to keep a cool head!

Ground Farm Hands

These helpers support the entire farm crew. They may need some mechanical skills, because they keep things working for everyone else!

Apply Today!

Attendance incentives, Employee of the Week bonuses, and scholarships are not new at Barton Hill Farms. These are programs we’ve been offering and building since we started back in 2012. Supporting the people who make this place possible is good for the farm and good for our employees. That’s the approach we try to take with every decision we make!

We’re looking for active, outdoorsy people for the March through May spring festival season! Apply now to join our team!