Welcome to the Barton Hill Farms Employment Page! We host a farm fun, family friendly event for all ages! We are now hiring for Part-Time, Seasonal Workers for the 2021 Fall Festival & Pumpkin Patch. We require weekend work commitments from September-November.  Supervisors and Team Leads will begin training in August.  Barton Hill Farms is an equal opportunity employer.

What our Staff is Saying...

“I started working at Barton Hill Farms nearly a decade ago for an easy seasonal job. I quickly learned that the farm was much more than a corn maze. It is a highly needed resource for family activities and memories in the Austin area. I now earn great satisfaction from being a part of this magical place and creating a space for families to want to return to again and again” – Kris R.

“I’ve worked at Barton Hill Farms for three years and love it! I love the great staff and leadership at the Farm. I like being there to see the joy and happiness of all the families that come out and celebrate each other. I love being part of a place that helps families make great memories together!” – Gabriel B.


Returning Staff

If you have worked a seasonal event at the farm previously, you only need to email the HR office at [email protected] to apply.

Food & Beverage Workers

As a food services worker, you may be required to do a combination of food prep, cooking, serving food and drinks, stocking and cleaning. Must have or acquire the TABC certificate and the Food Safety Certificate.  

Train Drivers

Train Drivers are required to have a valid drivers license. Your job is to drive our trains around the park to give guests a fun tour!


As a Admissions & Tickets operator, you may be required to do any combination of processing transactions, customer satisfaction, and providing accurate event information for our guests.

Parking Attendants

As a parking attendant, your job will be to direct guests to parking spots. You will be the first person to interact with our guests, so bring a smile!

Activities Hands

Activities Hands coordinate the fun around the farm!

Grounds Farm Hands

Grounds Farm Hands support all other areas on the farm and need to have some mechanical know how and a big heart for fun!

Fall Corn Cops

Corn Cops patrol the maze and keep the Rowdy Rustlers in line, while making sure the maze stays neat for visitors.

Pumpkin Patch Hands

Pumpkin Patch Hands assist farm visitors in picking perfect pumpkins! We help set up photo opportunities and keep the pumpkins clean!

Supervisory & Leadership Positions

Barton Hill Farms takes Management and Leadership Roles seriously.  Training is required in the respective area and starts as early as two months prior to opening day! Supervisory personnel are able to work extra hours and are compensated based on experience and knowledge.  Supervisors answer to the Farm Management Team and are expected to help recruit and hire their team members.  We host several hiring events prior to our Orientation to help assure we have the best employees possible for the season!