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Cool fronts are dropping the scorching summer temperatures down into the 80-degrees range, the leaves are turning the traditional Texas autumnal color of brown… Read More.

There is a lot to love about fall, the colors, smells, football, hunting season, but of course, you can’t miss the fall festivals… Read More

With an intricate, freshly redesigned Texas Longhorns-themed corn maze, Barton Hill Farms truly keeps you on your toes… Read More

Find a lot to do including the maze in the shape of Lonesome Dove, live music, pumpkin painting, train rides and more… Read More

At more than eight hundred pages, Lonesome Dove is an epic adventure in more ways than one. The same can probably be said for the Lonesome Dove Maze… Read More

Families and children picked out their favorite pumpkins to take home or to carve, decorate or paint there at Barton Hill Farms’ Great Pumpkin Patch… Read More

The sky is a swirl of blue and white, the ground a blanket of soft green interrupted only by the occasional cottonwood tree providing patches of shade under its heart-shaped leaves… Read More

At Barton Hill Farms, the farmer wants you to explore his field. He uses an earless type of corn plant often used as livestock feed… Read More

Closed for Spring 2023

Barton Hill Farms will be closed for our Spring 2023 and is currently searching for a new location.

Please stay tuned!