Maze Passport

Use the following trivia questions to guide you through the maze!

1. What is Randal Floyd's nickname?

2. What does Darla demand Sabrina do at a party?

3. Who offered to pay for breakfast after the party?

4. What time was Pickford's party supposed to start?

5. According to Slater, what kind of cult was George Washington in?

6. What annoying habit does Mitch have?

7. Who plays O'Bannion in the movie?

8. After the party, what does Sabrina eat for breakfast?

9. What does Melvin tell Mitch?

10. Alright, alright, alright......
Which band is Wooderson planning to get tickets to see?

You did it!

We hope you enjoyed our 2022 maze!

Join us next year for more corn-fusing fun!

Closed for Spring 2023

Barton Hill Farms will be closed for our Spring 2023 and is currently searching for a new location.

Please stay tuned!