Maze Passport

Use the following trivia questions to guide you through the maze!

1. In what year was Elon Musk born?

2a. When was SpaceX founded?

2b. Which was NOT a SpaceX Rocket?

3a. Where do the SpaceX rockets launch from?

3b. What is Elon's grand vision for SpaceX?

5. Where is the nearest Boring Company Location?

6. Where has the Boring Company completed a Tunnel Project?

7. The CyberTruck will be bullet proof. What size round will it stop?

8. What's the range of the "TriMotor" CyberTruck?

9. How many Starlink satellites exist?

10. When is Starlink expected to leave Beta?

We hope you enjoyed our 2021 maze! Join us next year for more corn-fusing fun!