We are looking forward to welcoming Public and Private School students back to the farm in the spring of 2022!  The field trip is designed specifically for students in grades 1-5! Come to the farm to learn about agriculture and to enjoy our beautiful farm venue! The field trip is an organized farm tour with an educational purpose. This is not a trip for siblings or festival goers.

Please, take the time to read ALL of the information we have prepared for you.  This page will answer most or all of your questions. When purchasing tickets be sure to add Barton Hill Farms to your trusted email contacts or you may not see our emails.  

Most of our farm activities will not be open on the “farm tour” date(s). Reservations will fill up quickly and are limited for each date.  Concessions are limited to dessert items.  We have numerous Hand Washing Stations that are clearly marked.  We use Portable Toilets on site; toilet units are cleaned regularly.

A SIGNED PARENT PERMISSION/WAIVER IS REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS! Each student with a ticket must return a parent-signed waiver & permission to attend our farm tour, even if the parent attends with the school’s group.  Those will be collected prior to admittance on the day of entry! (THE WAIVER IS LOCATED ON THE TICKET PURCHASE PAGE and should be downloaded when tickets are purchased. This is the ticket purchaser’s responsibility.  We assume that will be the teacher-of-record or the field trip coordinator.)

Adult Chaperone/Student ratio is 1:4. Exceptions cannot be made. To avoid confusion and additional fees, ALL tickets, including chaperone tickets, must be purchased at the same time!  Tickets are purchased online, only.  TICKETS ARE NOT SOLD ON THE DATE OF YOUR TOUR. One may NOT purchase a ticket for any date other than that of the main group tour. Groups must enter together. Late entries will not be permitted, due to strict safety protocols.  If anyone arrives late, the entire group tour time will be adjusted. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED FOR LATE ARRIVALS.

To learn about how we are addressing COVID-19, please visit our Farm Policies page.

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Spring Field Trips

Our 118-acre farm and event venue will be open on select weekdays in May of 2022 for educational farm tours, only.   We are NOT open to the public on these special dates.  This is for private and public school groups. Most festival activities are closed. Groups arrive at 9:30 AM to check in; we begin the tour at 10:00 AM and load the buses/vehicles by 1:30PM for departure.

Our agenda will teach elementary school-aged children about pollinators, how our spring crops grow, and life on the farm. This is an experience that will enrich their lives and will include hands on learning.

Fall Field Trips

Interested in a Fall Field Trip?  We are only 30 mins from downtown Austin!  Sign up for our newsletter to get updated when fall field trip days are announced. Students can enjoy the corn maze and pumpkin patch!

Educational School Field Trips to Barton Hill Farm in Bastrop, TX


Spend a fun and educational day on the farm! The Farm Tour is offered on a discounted ticket price and does not include our regular General Admission activities. REFUNDS: Tickets are not refundable unless the school’s trip is cancelled at least 45 days prior to the tour date. If the weather isn’t cooperative we can arrange a “Rain Check.”  Our Farm Tour Coordinator will call the school’s point of contact (Planning Teacher) to discuss other options, if necessary.

Use the link below to buy your classes’ tickets today!

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Educational School Field Trips to Barton Hill Farm in Bastrop, TX

What You’ll Learn

A day at Barton Hill Farms is an opportunity to do some hands-on learning. We will discuss our farm animals and their importance.  Students will hear about how helpful worker bees and butterflies pollinate the crops, like strawberries and zinnias in the spring, or pumpkins and corn in the fall. Students also learn about healthy nutrition, life on the farm, and what makes our crops grow.  Exact agendas may vary, depending on weather.

Our goal is to enable our kiddos to gain a better idea of where their food comes from and to make the connections between farm and city life. When possible, we want kids to learn about the science and technology that come with modern agriculture.


Part of your day on the farm can include free time, where students can enjoy some of our farm & ranch-style activities. Free time may include climbing and sliding on Wilbarger’s Fort, corn hole, washers, roping, tetherball, Human Foosball, the Lively Ship sandbox, and more! In the fall, kids can explore our 5-acre Corn Maze. And in the spring, they can learn about our spring crops of strawberries, sunflowers and zinnias. Please note: Not all activities will be accessible at every field trip, and the following are not available or are closed: Face Painting, Flower Picking, Pumpkin Picking, Archery, Apple Cannons, Jumbo Jumpers, The Coop Coop Slide, Huck’s Fishing Pond, and Train Rides. Concessions will be very limited. 

A Typical Day

9:30 Arrival-Your bus/group will be greeted by one of our tour guides who will collect pre-signed waivers. Once all students’ waivers are collected, the tour guide will deliver wristbands to the teacher(s) to distribute to the students and chaperones. There will be one wristband for every pre-booked student or adult chaperone. Tickets MUST be purchased online prior to arrival.  Everyone must purchase a ticket!  Tickets cannot be purchased the day of the farm tour.  Due to safety policies, school groups are required to enter together. Late arrivals will result in an adjustment to group’s tour time. Refunds are not issued because of late arrival. If inclement weather in our area forces Barton Hill Farms to close, we will refund the full amount of the ticket(s) or issue a rain-check, if possible.  We do not issue refunds if a group cancels less than 10 days prior to reservation or for late arrivals-no shows.

10:00 AM Orientation & First Station-Once every student and chaperone has received their wristbands, the tour guide will lead your group to the first stop at our Orientation

10:20 AM-12:15 PM This may be an audience-participation skit, an agricultural activity or learning about the farm animals. (Tours may vary due to weather or other unforeseen conditions.) Your group will be rotated through the activities by your tour guide. Groups are REQUIRED to stay together. BE SURE TO WASH YOUR HANDS!

12:15 PM-1:15 PM Lunch & Free Time. At lunch time, your group can gather together at designated eating areas to enjoy their meals. For more info about lunch, please see “Lunch on the Farm.”  Regular Farm Concessions will be closed.  BE SURE TO WASH YOUR HANDS!

Lastly, at 1:15PM, Time to GO!   All good things must end, so it’s time to get back on the bus and head back to school!  1:30 PM Departure.  

Lunch on the Farm

Concessions is limited on Field Trip days. One week prior to arrival, we will notify teachers of the options.  We will send an email to the email address of file.  Make sure to add Barton Hill Farms to your trusted email contacts. 

All students, teachers and chaperones will need to bring a clearly labeled, fully disposable sack-lunch. Teachers-place all bagged lunches & bottled waters into a wheeled cooler with ICE packs for cooling. We don’t permit coolers on the weekends but do make SPECIAL accommodations for the Field Trip days.  The cooler will be taken to the lunch area and ready for your group at lunch time! Please, clearly label your school’s cooler.  Food Suggestions include:  a sandwich, veggies and fruits, nuts, and a bottled water.  We do not provide  reheating or refrigeration options on Field Trip days. Barton Hill Farms is not a nut-free/allergy free facility.

At lunch time, your group can gather together on the farm grounds to eat their sack lunches.  Use of our covered pavilion is available first come first served.  Each group is required to clean up and dispose of their own trash.


Barton Hill Farms is an “Agritainment Venue” and is covered under the Texas Agritourism Act, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Chapter 75 A.  (Yep!  It’s a real thing, y’all.) Every ticket purchased is covered by the civil code, and every student attendee participating in the farm tour must have a waiver signed by the parent in order to enter the farm grounds. We just want y’all to understand that it is a working farm.  We make EVERY EFFORT to KEEP IT SAFE!  Teachers, please collect and have the waivers ready to make your arrival as simple as possible. These are collected prior to any wristband distribution. Download the waiver when tickets are purchased and forward copies to the parents of each student in advance for parent signatures.  *Note: Barton Hill Farms does not accept e-signatures at this time. THE WAIVER .pdf  IS AVAILABLE WHEN TICKETS ARE PURCHASED.

A tour guide will meet the group and will bring wristbands to your bus/vehicle when you arrive. We issue one wristband per signed waiver for students and one per paid adult chaperone.

We do hope you have read the page carefully.  We spent a great deal of time explaining the most asked questions. We want everyone to enjoy their day at our farm!  The general email box for Barton Hill Farms is:  [email protected]